E-Tendering – A Fantastic Way To Avoid Corruption

The grand arrival of internet technology has been accountable for transforming the conventional practice of tendering. Governments all over the world have felt the urgent need to improve the services of theirs and also to contend with all forms of issues without complications and delay.

Online Tenders are all cognizant of the corrupt and immoral practices which occur at tendering and procurement boards levels. The launch of E – Procurement and Online Tendering has certainly generated minimizing corruption at higher levels within the government. It brings transparency, easy accessibility to people and includes other benefits like conducting business transactions on the web.

Online Tendering brings a good deal of good factors in the tendering as well as procurement business. It can be accessed any moment and from any school. High measure of efficiency, mass access, access which is quick to details and information and more importantly; reducing excessive tender processing costs of the public sector in regards to money and time.

The growth of the internet has metamorphosed all areas of the process of tendering. Bidding for a tender online is going to provide an added advantage to both the government and its folks by reducing corruption while enticing bids for tenders. Time is very easily managed and things can also be managed more efficiently. With the introduction of the internet system, tendering treatment is now much less time consuming and inexpensive.

We all know of the disproportions as well as corruption involving tenders which have escalated to such specifications that works are today getting dispersed among the delegated quarters even before calling for bids. Such kind of corruption in the process will also drive the foreign investors at bay.

to be able to draw attention to the many beneficial features of its, it’s most important that the good factors of e tender ought to be able to be highlighted and brought to notice. People have to be made to comprehend that the process of online tender submission is an easier and easier process than hand-operated tender submission. Even contractors, technologists & engineers are well aware of the benefits of e-tendering and also the transparency that it offers. It’s the ideal option for fighting corruption at probably the highest level in the tendering and also procurement quantities of the government.

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